How Pharmacy Reviews Can Help You

We are all interconnected in this day and age. The existence of mobile phones, computers, and the 24-hour news cycle has made this so. The online drugstore industry has taken advantage of this interconnection over the Internet. Because billions of dollars are transferred over this medium every single day, the way we do business has changed significantly, and internet pharmacies are joining the bandwagon.

However, not everyone likes this development. There are skeptics who say that there are too many risks involved in transacting money not just to buy medication online, but to do all sorts of business over the internet. They frequently say that the risks are just too great to match the benefits of convenience. Their arguments, sadly, are not so far from the truth. Because of the risks, online pharmacy reviews are a great way to distinguish the great from the not-so-great.

One valid concern is that your privacy and security may be compromised when doing business online. Security concerns include phishing sites, which get passwords and credit card information to be used fraudulently. While a legitimate online drugstore will never do this, sites posing as legitimate ones will. This is why you should practice extreme caution when you buy medication online. You should check the exact URL on the address field. If it looks suspicious, it may be a bogus site.

Online pharmacy reviews can help with these concerns. Real customers log on to these sites to talk about any particular online drugstore. They comment both positively and negatively about certain sites with different issues. Some of these review sites also have the option of a grading system through the use of stars or other indicators. You can view these sites if you’re concerned about a number of issues.

One issue that can be raised in these reviews is security. Customers can review their experiences with an online drugstore’s security protocols. Do they have certificates showing the legitimate owners of the sites? Do these certificates guarantee that any transaction is encrypted and cannot be seen by third parties? These issues can be discussed by consumers in forums on pharmacy reviews, so other people can be adequately warned of potential threats.

Reviewers on these sites will also talk about customer service. When people buy medication online, they want to be sure that the goods they order arrive on time and in good condition. Both positive and negative experiences are explained in these reviews, so consumers can get the best choice. A top-rated online drugstore will offer the best customer service and adequate security to safeguard sensitive details such as credit card information.

Online pharmacy reviews are proving to be a great help to the online pharmacy industry. While there are bogus sites out there, there are also legitimate websites which work just as well as any traditional pharmacy. Customers can experience the convenience and security of online transactions when they buy medication online from a legitimate pharmacy, with real security protocols and good customer service, which will enhance customer experience.

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Pharmacy Technician Salary How To Improve Your Chances Of Earning A Good Salary

The reason is that, in this environment, you will be required to take on more responsibilities and therefore get paid better than your counterparts who work in other sectors.

Hospitals are always on the lookout for pharmacy technicians, particularly those who have a PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) qualification. The PTCB is the USA’s national controlling body for this profession. At present, hospitals are paying pharmacy technicians an hourly rate of 15.73 US dollars or an annual salary of 32,710 US dollars.

In contrast, technicians who work at health care stores are earning 27,590 US dollars per year. Those employed at grocery stores are earning 28,610$ annually, and those employed at general merchandise stores are earning 26,310$ a year. The average salary, nationally, for pharmacy tech’s is 28,940$, or 19.92$ an hour.

The advantages of working for hospitals can be discussed at length on various internet forums. This is a great way for newly graduated students to find out about employment opportunities. You can pose questions to experts, as well as other people with the same qualifications, and get useful advice.

When working for a hospital, you will need to be able to read patients’ charts regarding their medication. After this, the prescription can be prepared and given to the nursing staff for administration. Obviously, this will be carried out in accordance with the instructions by the attending doctor and pharmacist.

Therefore, if you are looking to earn the highest possible pharmacy tech yearly income, make efforts to seek employment at a hospital. Apart from earning more money, your chances of career advancement are also higher. In addition, the job will be more challenging and rewarding because you will learn new things.

Spot That Fraudulent Online Pharmacy

An “online pharmacy, no prescription” advertisement should always ring the alarm bell of your mind. Some that offer such services are often legitimate but quite a number of retail outlets are just there to dupe you. Illegal internet drugstores are a dime a dozen in cyberspace but could cost you a lot of money in the long run. Be vigilant and learn how to spot the tell-tale signs when dealing with crooked one.

Make sure your chosen online pharmacy has an excellent shipping record. Most victims of shady ones complain that their parcels arrive very late or not at all. This situation sometimes forces online buyers to try for an unnecessary secondary transaction, thus doubling their expenses. A conscientious online drugstore should be able to track all deliveries and advise clients on when and where they’ll get their prescriptions. Moreover, they also know the customs regulations for various destinations and can work with local authorities to ensure the goods are delivered on time. Some also work with local partners or maintain a branch to facilitate deliveries. Read reviews and consumer forums to gauge their shipping capabilities.

Other common complaints among victims of online pharmaceutical scams are that parcels arrive in bad condition and are unusable. Reputable internet stores know how to properly package and ship the products they send by land, sea, or air express. A number of legitimate companies operate their own parcel delivery services while others have established long-term relationships with cargo shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL. These well-established and professional freight delivery services know how to properly handle delicate items like medications that need to be kept in certain temperatures. For instance, some items need to be wrapped in thermal packaging and be placed in refrigerated crates. Some delivery companies provide custom critical services that focus on climate controlled shipping. Take note of them.

Legitimate internet pharmacies are meticulous packers; shady ones are not. The former tag their products correctly and completely, while the other will often give you mislabeled containers.

With regard to shipping concerns, a good online outlet will tell you how much the shipping will cost. They usually inform buyers how much fees will be incurred for an express delivery, additional packaging, and for whatever special or additional transportation arrangement is needed to deliver your medications right at your doorstep. They will give you a code or number that will help you track your items. Be sure to ask about shipping details when making an online purchase.

Another concern among consumers is that sometimes the credit card is charged more than once. Such occurrences sometimes are due to human error or to poor network connection. The important thing is to choose an online store that employs advanced and state-of-the-art software with layered security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, loss, or improper disclosure. Trusted online pharmacies have the latest firewall technologies and use reputable software and encryption technologies that are industry-recognized.

If you think you have been charged more than once, then you should contact customer support and ask to have the charges reversed. If no customer support is on hand no matter how many times you try to get in touch with them, then you have been probably ripped off already. What you should do now is to contact your credit card company and the proper law enforcement authorities.

Approach that “online pharmacy, no prescription” promo with care. Avoid becoming a victim of common internet scams by recognizing the illegal ways they operate. Check out the many online pharmacy guides that will tell you how to find reliable ones.

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing Pharmacy Technician Schools

The importance of pharmacy technician schools is one that cannot be overlooked currently. This is because there are several work opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the field. Thanks to the advancement of technology and science, there is an increase in the number of people who use prescription drugs and these workers are needed to meet this need. While it is true that workers with prior experience in the sector get employed easily, those with a degree or certification are at a better position. While this is the case, before enrolling in any school, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

• Select a course
There are different types of programs offered in pharmacy technician schools. In order to ensure that you choose an institution that meets your needs, start by determining the course you want to pursue first. It is advisable to carry out your search online because it gives you the opportunity to compare different courses and select the one that meets your needs. Also, you to determine the duration you want to take in order to complete the training. All these aspects will ensure that you end up making an informed decision.

• Curriculum
The training offered should be enough to give you the needed assurance that you have what it takes to work in a competitive field. For this reason, request for a copy of the curriculum. This will make it possible for you to determine the subjects covered. Some of the things you need to be on the lookout for include ethics, laws and drug computations.

• Verification of the schools reputation
You have to verify the reputation of the institution before making your choice. In this case, take time to carry out thorough research and the good news is that you can do this with ease online. Visit forums, social media outlets and blogs. You can also research and find out what alumni say about the institution. You can also sit in one class and see the manner in which the lessons are offered and whether it sits in well with your needs and expectations.

• Online or night classes
Based on your schedule, you can also decide on whether to settle for online or night classes. For those who work during the day, opting for night classes is the best idea. However, you can also tailor the course to sit in well with your schedule. Online classes also come in handy because they ensure that you don’t have to mess up your schedule. However, it is always advisable to ensure that the pharmacy technician schools offering online course are legit in order to ensure you get what your accreditation.

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Online Pharmacy Watch: DEA Does Spring Cleaning Of Illegal Internet Pharmacies

Since early 2004, it has become more apparent every day that the online pharmacy industry is being destroyed. Who is doing such damage to bring the industry crashing down, you ask? So far, the people responsible are savvy businessmen who are using their skills to create temporary safety nets for black-hat operations using loopholes in international security. Many pharmacy businesses were just shut down, and 20 people arrested during a DEA operation to stop the illegal sale and importation of controlled substances into the United States. I’d rather call these businesses drug rings than online pharmacies because many offered these medications of questionable quality without a prescription.

Few online pharmacies are in good standing as far as I’m concerned. They include Health Solutions Network (previously known as MPLLC), IntegraRx, Shoppe.MD,, various Canadaian pharmacies, and other pharmacies which do not sell controlled medications without prescriptions.

The real problem still exists: We need to improve the doctor-patient relationship that is the most important part of selling prescription medications online. Most websites, including most of those listed above, require patients to fill out an online consultation form with their current health statistics and medical history. This is very convenient for patients, but becomes unsatisfactory when potentially harmful or addictive medications are involved. A perfect example of this issue is the huge mass of pleas for help on the forums by people who are addicted to Vicodin, Hydrocodone, and other painkillers.

If you are interested in improving the online pharmacy industry, and believe you can contribute something in any shape or form, please contact Ian Mason by email at [email protected]

Ian Mason, owner of Shoppe.MD, your source for Online Prescription Medications [] and health news.

Ian studies health, weight loss, exercise, and several martial arts; maintaining several websites in an effort to help provide up-to-date and helpful information for other who share his interests in health of body and mind.

Pharmacy School Application – PCAT Examination Preparation Tips and Guide

Although most pharmacy schools require the PCAT examination, some school of pharmacies may not. Also, if you are an international student, you may need to take the TOEFL exam.

Pharmacy schools that don’t require the PCAT:

California Northstate
California – San Diego
California – San Francisco
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Boston MA
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Manchester NH
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Worcester MA
Oregon State University
University of the Pacific
Purdue University
University of Southern California
Touro University – California
Washington State University

The subjects tested on the PCAT exam include:

Verbal Ability
Reading Comprehension
Quantitative Ability
Problem Solving (Writing)
Conventions of Language (Writing)

First, do some research on PCAT books. Amazon lists user reviews on PCAT books that are worth looking at. For example for the 2010-2011 KAPLAN PCAT, the chemistry and biology are strong. It is highly recommended that you pick and choose several PCAT books as each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Other options include an AUDIOLEARN PCAT CD set which lets you listen to the material while driving, lying down in your home, or from your computer.

After reading the ‘lecture’ parts of the books, do as many practice exams as you can. Many questions may repeat on the PCAT, and setting time limits on your practice exams will prepare you for the time constraints during the real PCAT exam.

Planning your prerequisite courses for pharmacy school in a way where your harder science courses are completed near the time of your PCAT examination date would be helpful to keep the information fresh in your mind. But, I would not want to be halfway through a semester of Organic Chemistry lecture prior to taking the PCAT.

For many students, it could have been a long time since sitting in lecutre, so other resources exist which can prepare you for the PCAT. There are several online resources such as encyclopedias, videos, and other articles to refresh your mind on relevant topics. For example, I can search for a video on YouTube to remind me how covalent bonding occurs in Chemistry. You can also purchase slightly older edition textbooks for a huge discount on sites like Half (an old Biology book will cost under $5 with shipping).

For the writing sections, it would be in your best interest to practice writing a well-organized, complete essay. Essay topics from old PCATs can be found online or you can practice from completely random prompts to practice writing. Having a clearly defined Introduction, Thesis, 3 Supporting Body Paragraphs, and a Conclusion will allow you to do well on the writing sections.

Course studies for the PCAT are pricey ($1000-$1500), so it is only recommended if you are struggling to learn the material on your own. For some people, these courses have been very beneficial, but make sure to do research before cutting these companies a check.

PCAT Examination Tips:

* Practice, Practice, Practice!
* You can retake the PCAT exam if you don’t do well the first time around. From what others have said on forums, it seems like you should only look to take the exam 2-3 times max.
* A solid GPA with a great PCAT score (ex: >70% percentile) will usually get you accepted at most school of pharmacies in the U.S. A lackluster GPA along with a great PCAT score (ex: >80% percentile) could offset the GPA aspect of your application. Check and search user profiles on to see who got accepted where with what stats.
* Get plenty of rest, eat a well-portioned meal, and arrive early on the PCAT examination date.

I am a Pharmacy School Student at the University of Southern California. I was accepted after two years of experience as an applicant (re-applicant), so I have gathered a lot of resources and knowledge on how the application process works. I enjoy technology and helping others with the admission process. My friend and I have created a Pharmacy Schools [] Admission Statistics Database,, which is a free pharmacy school applicant database which lists profiles of accepted students (GPA, PCAT, work experience, degrees) to all pharmacy schools in the United States. Other resources include an application guide, articles on the admission process, recommended pre-pharmacy products, tables listing tuition/dual degrees/etc.

Advantages You Get When You Buy From a Reputed Online Pharmacy

For your own convenience, you should buy your meds from an online pharmacy. This particular service has several advantages. Read on to know more about them.

Cost efficient

You may notice the prices of the medicines when ordering them online. Online pharmacies often offer lower rates on both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. You can save more and this is a good option for people who need to take meds regularly.

More choices

A good online pharmacy has a wide range of medicine brands on their inventory. You may also choose from a wider selection of both prescription and generic drugs. Most online pharmacies get their items directly from suppliers, that is why they can offer them at more affordable prices.


If you don’t have time to go out and buy medicines, you can simply order online and wait for your order. An online pharmacy may deliver items straight to your home. People who live far away from drugstores, or those too weak or too sick to leave their homes will benefit from this. Just make sure to check their delivery rates and policies. Many online pharmacies offer free delivery so take advantage of this.


Most online drugstores are available 24/7. You can place your order anytime. The delivery time usually takes a few minutes. This will depend on your area and the quantity of your order. You may also order in bulk so you can take advantage of discounts.

How do you place your order?

The process is simple. You just need to fill out the information sheet and submit your order. The form usually includes basic information like name, address, and contact details. You should also include the number of products you want to order. Some drugstores may also require you to provide your doctor’s name and contact details. This information is important if you are ordering prescription medicines.

After submitting your contact details, you will now choose a payment scheme. You can pay either through credit card or e-cash.

Important things to remember:

Privacy and security policy

Make sure they have security policy. Unauthorized users may view your information and get your contact details if the website is not secure. They may send you junk mails or even steal your identity and ruin your credit rating. A good online pharmacy should keep your personal details private, and all transactions should be confidential.

Make a background check

Check their website and make sure they have the license to sell drugs online. You may consult different organizations to verify their credentials.

If you have questions, you may send queries via email to several government offices such as your city hall or the health department. You should also consider if the products are FDA approved. Be careful with online stores claiming all their products are FDA approved.

Pharmacy feedback

If you have more concerns or question about their services, you may send them through the pharmacy feedback. The pharmacy feedback is like a forum where regular customers put their comments and suggestions. The administrator usually answers customer queries in this section.

Online Canadian Pharmacy: Creating A Revolution

Internet pharmacies have revolutionized the way of drug purchase over the past few years. Amidst this huge surge, online Canadian pharmacy has caught on with the average Americans who are unable to purchase branded US drugs at exorbitant prices. Online Canadian pharmacies are cheaper than their American counterpart. Not only this, reduced price does not indicate any compromise on part of the quality of these drugs.

The most striking feature of online Canadian pharmacy is the manner in which drugs are purchased. What can be more convenient than ordering drugs online? The total cost involved in delivering the ordered drugs to your doorstep is much below than American drugs purchased from a neighborhood shop. It’s here that online Canadian pharmacy scores over American ones. This has resulted in the rise of its popularity with American citizens.

Another important service offered by online Canadian pharmacies is generic drugs. These drugs have chemical composition similar to that of branded American drugs but can be purchased at discounted prices. Generic drugs are in high demand on this account. They have been of immense help to those who are obliged to purchase drugs on a regular basis. Not only that, even old and retired citizens have been able to breathe a sigh of relief owing to the presence of online Canadian pharmacy else their life’s savings would have been squandered away in purchasing expensive American drugs.

Online Canadian pharmacy has brought a sea change in the way prescriptions are studied. Your neighborhood shop will hand you the prescribed medicines blindly without any further queries and advice. Contrarily, online Canadian pharmacy studies your prescriptions closely and even offers necessary advice. A highly efficient team of doctors and physicians work day and night to offer quality service to their online customers. What can be more revolutionary than your prescription being studied online?

An advantage of approaching Internet pharmacies is the additional services and
information offered by them. For instance, a number of online Canadian pharmacies have
forums where customers can enquire about the services offered and share their ideas on a
variety of topics like healthcare, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

Hence, it goes without saying that online Canadian pharmacies have made drug purchase a happy and reliable experience. It’s definitely a cost cutter and a safe alternative to
American drugs.

Canadian Online Pharmacy Or Mexico Online Pharmacy – Importing Medications And Some Considerations

The use of online pharmacies for the purchase of medications is a widely accepted practice used by consumers looking to find inexpensive and embarrassment free ways to purchase needed medications in a discreet manner. But now comes the topic of discussion, what about the importation of medications from outside of the USA from places like Canada or Mexico or even elsewhere? Is it wise? Are there risks involved both to your health and to your personal finances? What about legal issues? Hopefully this discussion will help to educate, increase awareness and consideration of the many faceted subject of purchasing medications from other countries and importing them into the USA.

First of all what is the main attraction for consumers to consider shopping for medications from other countries? The obvious answer is far cheaper prices for medications out of country than from those available in country. Some of the savings in price per pill from ordering out of country are absolutely astounding, sometimes savings of up to 90% are available – sometimes more – sometimes less, these prices dazzle and amaze consumers and produce an incredible temptation to consider purchasing from out of country, and who can blame them?

What are some considerations that consumers should look at before ordering out of country?

The main consideration for a consumer before ordering out of country should definitely be the issue of legality. Is it legal in State that I live to order medications from Canada, Mexico or overseas? This is a main consideration as ordering some medications may be considered as illegal as purchasing Cocaine from Brazil. So to answer this question it is recommended that you as a consumer will have to do some research, it is recommended to know the brand name and generic name of the medication you wish to purchase. It is also recommended to talk to customs about importation of that substance into your State; also a phone call to the local police station wouldn’t hurt either and ask about the legality of importing that substance. A thorough search online about importing a specific medication into your State is also recommended. It is recommended to find out if a medication prescribed out of country is valid in your State for the possession of such a substance. Many people choose to risk it and just order and hope it works out – this is a foolish way to approach something of this nature as the legal results could be disastrous – it is completely up to the consumer to know the local laws about the importation of medications from out of country before ordering.

What are some of the health and financial risks involved in ordering medications out of country? Let’s discuss some; when ordering medications from out of country a consumer should be completely assured that the online pharmacy is trustworthy, safe, and has some kind of 3rd party accountability to an online pharmacy checker type program so you can have confidence that no one is racking up charges to your stolen credit card number and also that the medication you are purchasing is a quality top grade trusted pharmaceutical laboratory produced substance. When ordering from verifiable sources you receive the medications shipped to you in their original packages so you know that you are receiving the correct medication whether it is a generic version or a brand name. Too many stories are circulating on the internet about ‘medications’ arriving in containers that are not original packaging and consumers opening the caplets to find only sand, sugar or sawdust inside instead of the medication they ordered. Other stories of ‘medications’ arriving in containers that are not original packaging that have impurities, filler mixed in, or who knows what, don’t risk your health, its recommended to only accept medications arriving in un-tampered original packaging from a reliable source.

Which countries is it wisest to order medications from? As long as the pharmacy sells medications in the original packages the safety factor is very high, yet a consideration is that the medications even though they are in their original packaging may be ‘overdue’, every medication has a shelf life and older medications may not be as effective as ones manufactured recently, always ask the online pharmacy to supply you with an expiration date of the medication. As an example, I am looking at a certain brand name bottle of Ibuprofen that has an expiration date written on it of 2009/12. Using the medication after this date may decrease its effectiveness and perhaps in some cases the safety of the substance if it begins to decompose. Buying medications from 1st world countries such as Canada, Australia, the U.K., etc. is typically safer then other countries as the standards in 1st world countries either meet or beat the FDA medication standards in the USA and existing government imposed safety and financial laws which must be abided by the pharmacies that operate in 1st world countries. This may or may not be the case in non-1st world countries.
As a final suggestion, reading and discussing about a certain online pharmacies on an online pharmacy forum is a good suggestion as you can learn from the triumphs and mistakes of other online pharmacy consumer.

Timothy Waterman

[] Contact: [email protected] Timothy Waterman, the health and medication website optimization expert has created an online pharmacy [] site long overdue to be available online. The object of the site is to present as many trustworthy health and medication retail sites as possible and provide people with an avenue to discuss their experiences, leave comments and connect with others in the vast sea of available online pharmacies. Hoping to establish an experiential customer based informational site that is valuable to anyone seeking for an online pharmacy. For more information please visit our website at [] and feel free to leave your comments or experiences with the various listed online pharmacies.

Finding the Right Web Based Generic Pharmacies Available for You

Online drugstores are growing to be an alternative solution to folks searching for less expensive trade name treatments or top quality generic ones. The wide range that an online drugstore delivers is among the points that customers delight in the most. Rather than going to numerous different pharmacies and asking what brand names they possess for a certain medication, all customers have to do at web-based generic pharmacies is to key in the name of the drugs and press search. Once they find the medicine prescribed by doctors to them, they could buy it on the internet, and it will likely be supplied to them in several days. Selection and the ease through which customers may receive their prescriptions filled up is among the finest things that such a pharmacy delivers.

Often, it isn’t very easy for a man to go to a pharmacologist and ask for 12 supplements of Cialis. It isn’t uncomplicated to stand up there and experience the looks of some other folks. In the same vein, a melanoma sufferer might not be comfortable heading out and purchasing his prescription medication. An online drugstore is a great remedy to privacy complications. Everything can be accomplished in his own home, from the affected individual’s very own computer system. Many web-based pharmacies even mail a buyer’s purchase packaged in an anonymous container to maintain privateness.

At this time, prescription medication is starting to be far more high-priced and a lot of folks are starting to use far more generic drugs, specially for any small disorder similar to a fever or the common cold. In exactly the same way that online drugstores supply range and simplicity for folks searching for brand drugs, online generic pharmacies supply customers with the medications they have to get for day-to-day aches and pains at a reasonable price.

One negative aspect to internet based pharmacies is the issue of trustworthy ones. What online pharmacy could customers have confidence in, amongst hundreds and hundreds of websites that offer you the exact same thing? It is always ideal for customers to go through online pharmacy reviews. You’ll find two basic kinds of online pharmacy review web sites: aggregated and in-house. Aggregated internet sites generally look like community forums or review boards wherever folks, generally individuals that have currently employed an online drugstore’s services, submit their feedback and recommendations about a certain internet drugstore. These types of online pharmacy reviews are useful because they make it possible for discussion concerning people who have definitely experimented with the service and individuals that haven’t done so.

In-house online pharmacy reviews tend not to really make it possible for similar discussion with customers, but they’re usually even more in-depth and insightful. These types of evaluations are done by either an in-house group of physicians or reviewers hired by the owners of the web site. Even though aggregated critiques would say “I really loved this drugstore’s service and will give it a try again,” an in-house critique would say something similar to “The reaction time period for the inquiry about this drug was under 2 hours, and the shipping and delivery was over night, as expected.” It will all depend on which the client wants. In any event, these online pharmacy reviews are useful, if not vital, when customers are searching for an excellent online drugstore.

Usually, web-based drugstore evaluations could assist in determining which online drugstore to do business with. You are able to find reviews [] on the internet these days. Visit [] today.